To be able to create recipes, you first need to add some ingredients.

Each ingredient has:

Eggs for example. If you use more than one variety/brand of an ingredient then feel free to append this to the name, like so: Eggs (Asda - Large)
Amount or number of units the specified ingredient is purchased in. So for example, if you buy flour in 1.5kg bags then the quantity is 1.5
Unit of measurement the ingredient is purchased in, so as above, this would be kg
Price that you purchase this ingredient, at the specified quantity and measure.
Adding Ingredients on Pantry

There are also a couple of other optional fields; allergens and density.

If applicable, you can select from the 14 recognised allergens for each ingredient. This ensures that you can keep track of all the allergens in each of your recipes. Once you have selected an allergen for a specific ingredient, that will be used throughout the system.

The density option is only applicable if you measure in cups. Please see our density information table for recommended values for popular ingredients.